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firegold flames Mar 04 2017 09:21 PM

i agree and well said . Farm town is one of great game.

artbee Mar 05 2017 03:59 AM

To help I have worked at moving some facilities to many farm, rather then all on one. Also there are tools to do more then one at a time. It just takes time to be able to get them. And I have enjoyed the game as a whole

MOM GLENDA Mar 05 2017 09:48 AM

it is just a game but i love famtown.what i do not like about farmtown is people complaining about the cash products .farmtown would not be here for us to play if no one bought cash .they have to pay facebook to have farmtown on here .they have to pay workers enough to support their person cannot keep farmtown working and keep things for us to buy .i am sure it takes several people to do the work and keep farmtown running 24 hrs a day.people need to stop complaining about the cash you have to spend .i do without things to be able to buy cash because i love playing farmtown .we just living off ss checks if i can do it others can

leighwj1960 Mar 05 2017 10:07 AM


Originally Posted by jeemersmom (Post 6144446)
Nearly every time I check my newsfeed or see email notifications of Forum threads, I see complaints that production is too slow/inadequate to meet the demand of that person's facilities. "Just can't keep up" is the phrase most often seen. Come on, people, who can't you keep up with? Is there some unwritten law that says you will be booted off if you don't have the most facs in production, the most trains/ships, the most XPs??? Do you complain that the GAME is slow but have multi-layered farms with flowers, trees and facs on top of all of those layers? Do you say "I have to do that to keep up with demand"?
YOU are the one who creates the demand. You are the one who fills the facs several times a day, plows multiple layers, complains. FarmTown is a wonderful outlet for those who are homebound and the supreme time-waster for the rest of us. Relax and enjoy it.

I completely agree. This is why I only post my facilities 2 or 3 times a week depending on my stock. This gives me time to rebuild my supplies so I can keep most of them filled 100%. I also tend to buy only facilities that use ingredients that I have excess of or that are easy to acquire.

Aliboots Mar 05 2017 02:55 PM

I started playing this game years ago, and then stopped. I stopped at level 71, with about a million in coins. In July last year, I started playing seriously. I'm now on level 800 with 30 farms, almost 25 billion coins and have about 132 million xps. I don't dabble in factories as I simply don't have the time at the moment, but I never earn less than a billion a day in coins. I also buy FC on a monthly basis, and the amount is determined by my budget. I spend less a month on this game than I did when playing other games that offered little rewards. The beauty of this game is that it is interactive, and you always have something to do, depending on YOU!

Try playing Criminal Case or Pearl's Peril. Unless you have thousands of friends on the game, your play time is about 20 minutes a day, and then you repeat stuff you have done multiple times. So boring.

I also change my farms. For example, when you first start, you plant free stuff, or stuff that is cheap and has a quick turnaround time. Then you realize that you earn a lot of coins fishing, so you buy ponds and lakes, etc. Then you look at, say, farm 3, and realise there are no fish on there, so you start over from scratch. Time consuming? Yes. Relaxing? Yes. Rewarding? Yes.

alyceclover Mar 05 2017 07:22 PM


Originally Posted by ccheney (Post 6144650)
Yes it's only a game but it gets frustrating when for example it takes nearly a year to be able harvest enough flowers from .

I have never had to harvest flowers for a year to fill my Flower shop.

I sold off a lot of flowers because I loathe harvesting them; now only use Flower Shop to create bouquets I need for other facilities and sell the potted plants.

I have never looked to see if I was filling facilities to 100% capacity, but am sure I fill many of them ~ like Perfume factory, Pet food, Tea and others.

I do not produce a lot of stuff like Petrochemicals because I have tons in stock. It truly depends upon what facilities players have; some need more of some stuff than others.

I do agree with the paper rolls and new items like Velvet and Felt rolls, but I just stop producing stuff that needs them if I am short, because it is just a game. When games stop being fun, when they frustrate me, or am forced to log on multiple times a day to complete stuff, I leave.

I like FT because one can play at their own pace, excepting, of course, if one participates in quests which are not mandatory.

Farmer_Susan Mar 10 2017 03:36 PM

I just had a splash screen encouraging me to get this. Does it help or hurt Slashkey - or do they care? The thing about no tabs - we can't send gifts, check our neighbors, etc? It doesn't have those tabs?

SeaJay Mar 10 2017 04:54 PM

Anybody know what this 'Facebook Gamerroom' is. Do you like it? Not like it? Scam? What is it? I've been seeing it in ads for a long time, but this time it jumped up in full screen when I clicked my shortcut to get I have for years. My only option was to install or close the tab and re-open fb.

Taz D Mar 10 2017 05:03 PM


Originally Posted by SeaJay (Post 6147366)
Anybody know what this 'Facebook Gamerroom' is. Do you like it? Not like it? Scam? What is it? I've been seeing it in ads for a long time, but this time it jumped up in full screen when I clicked my shortcut to get I have for years. My only option was to install or close the tab and re-open fb.

Hi SeaJay,
I moved your post to the General Feedvback thread about this. Some here can maybe tell you the pros and cons about it. Apparently Facebook is pushing this for everyone to use. The only thing I have done is to close the tab and reopen Farm Town. I don't need another app taking up memory.

lyndalu47 Mar 15 2017 10:24 AM

Face Book Gameroom
Do you know anything about Face Book Gameroom? I continue to get invitations from it, yesterday i got a pop-up before i could enter Farm Town. Is this a recommended site? Will it make my FT experience better? I do not want to make a download i will regret and i do not know who else to ask. Please help as you are able! thanks!

lyndalu - happily farming since '09

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