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MOM GLENDA Oct 11 2022 09:34 PM


Originally Posted by Taz D (Post 6512622)
Hi Mom Glenda,
Just a suggestiopn, but if you only load 1 container, fix what you can of your logbook, then send it out. Tomorrow load another ship again with 1 container, click on reuse itinerary, then make any additional changes you need to do to it. Then the same thing the next day and so on until the times get back down to workable short times. I have done this every time I have come back from a vacation and it taks only a few days to get them down to workable and my logbook back the way I want it.

thank you i will do that never thought of that .i am here everyday because i only go to my doctor. not able to go any where else.wears me out going to the doctor thanks again

rjfxvii Oct 12 2022 01:35 AM

any incentives?
Well, we're finally back, having missed a week of being able to do anything with our farms. Will you be doing anything to reward your loyal players for having wait out this mess? Or are you thinking we'll just forget this whole mess?

Walkies Oct 12 2022 02:31 AM

So glad to be back! Thank you so much.

michelle jo Oct 12 2022 03:48 AM

welcome back everyone thanks to all who work to get us bk up and running

keith of maisie farm uk Oct 12 2022 05:44 AM

just do one containeer

MNWildOne423 Oct 12 2022 08:15 AM

So happy the game is back up. I took a long layoff from the game and recently came back. This break affected me way differently than that layoff did. It actually gave me anxiety! lol Thanks to the developers for getting us going again. Hoping another update comes soon but this must have been a big setback so I will do my best to be patient. Happy farming all!

Macshelly Oct 12 2022 08:55 AM

I'm so glad you're back! Thank you for all your hard work. :)

PS When is the Halloween stuff coming out? I'm ready to decorate my Halloween Town!

Mama Lauri Oct 12 2022 10:19 AM

Thank you for your time and patience on getting our game back up. While we were down I went searching for another farm game where I could do what I do here, there is no other game. Again thank you.

Sammac17 Oct 12 2022 03:21 PM

Just wanted to say Thank You to all the Devs who worked so hard to get this straightened out. So glad to be back on. Your hard work and patience is well appreciated. Thanls again.

RIAP27 Oct 12 2022 05:31 PM

Kudos to the Devs for getting FT back online. Its tough to battle a juggernaut like FB, and I am happy they perservered.
Happy to be back on the farms!

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