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corogirl Jun 19 2012 06:26 PM

I got all the box cars on day one and dispatched the first one, only to find I had to wait 7 days before I could add and dispatch the other two I purchased just after that. When finally the 7 days was up I laughed when I saw the miserable amount of stuff it had collected. I could have collected a belt bonus on most and got more and that would be instant, not a 7day wait. Total waste of FC and if I could get a refund I would. Rant over, now back to the farm.

KnightRider Jun 19 2012 07:34 PM

It always amazes me that people purchase the FC items before they check the item(s) out, like the train boxcars they purchase them and then they say that if they had known how much they got from them they wouldn't have purchased them, but if they had went into the store and click on the ? in the green box and hovered their cursor over the item(s) that they wanted to know about they would have saw the amount of each item in each boxcar, then they would have known not to purchase that item, then they would have saved FC and not needed to come into the forum and complain about that item. All of the facilities have the ?, the trains that carry items have the ?, most of the tools also have the ?, and if someone has a questions about an FC item they should come into the forum and ask the others players questions about the FC item. I have saw some players come in here and ask questions before purchasing an FC item, which then they can make a decision at that time if they want to purchase the said item.

Tony D Jun 19 2012 08:10 PM

Hi, just thought I would mention that part of the reason for this section of the Forum is for people to provide feedback , both positive and negative feedback is welcome here :)

musicman1215 Jun 20 2012 08:43 AM

You devs put out excellent ideas for this game, but in order for us to dispatch a train for goods, you expect us to shell out money to your GREEDY employees to purchase a LONG FREIGHT CAR. You could have made it so we could use the short freight cars to do at least half of what the long freight cars do. You devs should have thought more about being more considerate and made the short cars operable instead of putting them out for useless decorations.

KnightRider Jun 20 2012 08:59 AM

I think the dev's did an excellent job on the trains and boxcars, hoping other boxcars come out soon and the option to rotate the trains so they can be put on the tracks going other ways, in my opinion it isn't GREED it is just doing a job and wanting to get paid for doing that job so they can pay their bills like everyone else.

SeaJay Jun 20 2012 09:06 PM

The farm I have my train on has no facilities or clients on it but, it is showing up as a farm to work when my neighbors answer my posts. Must be attached to the boost option to come, but yet another bummer trip I'm on about making my neighbors go to a farm that has nothing on it to work. It says, I'm sorry but there is no more work available on this farm!!! Could we shut that off until you introduce the boost??

SeaJay Jun 20 2012 09:48 PM


Originally Posted by Grammy Snowbird (Post 5188690)
Maybe some fine day we'll be able to choose what we want; the trains rematerialize, and we can select, say, corn or tomatoes or canvas, like that, before sending the trains merrily on their way for another week. Maybe buy a "your choice" freight car. For now, I am delighted to be part of the shakedown tour.


FarmerMcLashwood Jun 24 2012 04:45 PM

I posted this already in another part of the forum but realise it was most probably the wrong place.
So here is my feedback on the train:

Well here's a fine thing... I dispatched my train again last sunday without any problem at all.
It was ready tonight to unload but before I did..... i went into my storage to check what amounts I had for each of the goods in the carts.

There was absolutely no problem at all with the goods unloaded from the Long Box car... I got what I was supposed to.
The problems were the other cars.
In the Long container car I should have received 2520 plastic granules but only got 2340 - 180 short!
I should have received 672 rubber but only got 492 - 180 short!
The flat glass and the mirror glass were correct.
In the Long 2 door box car there were problems with some of the goods too.
I should have received 336 cardstock but only got 156 - 180 short (can you see a pattern emerging?
But the biggest shock of all was I should have received 168 Paper rolls....... I didn't receive any..... instead it TOOK 192 of what I had in storage.

Am disinclined to dispatch my train again until these glitches are sorted out.

My train is on my farm6

I await an explanation...... if there is one and would like the missing items to be returned to me.
I wish I had checked it out more last week before I unloaded last sunday.... would be interested to see if a pattern was emerging.:(:mad:

Petuniaflower Jun 24 2012 05:20 PM

:rolleyes:O My..I am sure..I am among only a few...Who wanted the farm or farms(have 2 trains..and 2 of each of the cars)REALLY NEEDED TRAINS :D..How much brings..or that I can only dispatch one of the trains..doesn't bother me...I do well enough..have enough coin to buy all my wants and with cash...all my wants and needs...Because it gives me mess with my farms...

FarmerMcLashwood Jun 24 2012 05:36 PM

I wish there was a box we could tick for the products we wanted... like in the semi trailer truck. I don't need ink pigments or flour etc., the only 2 I really need is paper roll and rubber and they were 2 of the products that didn't deliver what they should have. in fact have been left with less paper roll than there was before I unloaded my train.

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