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sylvialmartel Oct 19 2011 02:55 PM

i love the sprinkler, but can not for the life of me, get it synch together for the crops, trees and flowers.....It cost a lot of FC to upgrade all the way, but I am not happy with the fact that it only sprinkles what is fresh, why can't it be the same as the manure spreader, I don't mind giving the coins to also use it, but please do something about this, since your crops, trees are on a diff time frame from flowers. I feel with the amount spent it should cover all, the same as the manure spreader, if we harvest and it is sprinkled, then it should sprinkle the next harvest as well.....i feel you do a great job for us, but this one tool has a problem. Please give this some consideration ..FIX IT..Thanks

sylvialmartel Oct 19 2011 04:29 PM


Originally Posted by Texas Star (Post 4868606)
My brown sprinkler no longer works on my own farm! I paid farm cash for that sprinkler and now I am being told to use the sprinkler can to unwither flowers. Please return use of the brown sprinkler so I can use it... I paid for it! I do not have time to use the blue sprinkler and I do not want to use the red sprinkler until after the flowers are harvested. A neighbor watered but missed some flowers, which I could not see as they were withered and hidden behind the ones ready to harvest. I harvested, irrigated with red sprinkler and then they showed up. Of course they are now out of sync with the rest of the flowers, because I cannot speed them up until tomorrow, provided I can coordinate with my crops ... please fix this.

* give the brown sprinkler back, just like I can still use the other tools I purchased, I want it as an option
*consider changing the red mobile sprinkler to the same rules as the manure spreader. It was advertised to water crops, but it is only once per 20 hours per farm so new crops are not watered..sped up...

Thank you... at least giving me back the brown sprinkler that I paid for would let me work the flowers around the crops to be able to use the red sprinkler at least a little effectively. Now I have to choose between letting my flowers go until I deal with crops or visa versa.

I so agree with you :) each sprinkler should work separate then we have control over what we do, we did pay separate for each tool. If the newest sprinkler would work like the manure spreader that would be great (3days) but we still need to be able to acess our brown sprinkler, I feel they need to go back to the drawning board on this tool and FIX IT PLEASE

sylvialmartel Oct 19 2011 04:59 PM

140 FC for all 3 sprinklers, and can not use separate, way to much. i also spent days redoing my farms to put all trees in harvest times, so when i sprinkle them they all come due at same time, per farm. flowers and trees and crops are all different, this just is not working out at all the way i understood it would. i have tried many ways, but can not get all together. PLEASE FIX IT, let us sprinkle each (trees, flowers, and crops) separate, or make it so they are watered for a period of time, like the fertilizer. 140 Farm Cash and all these problems. I love my Farm Town, but at this point i want to scream, normally you all do a great job, but this is a BUST...and we the players, have been busted for 140 Farm Cash for a tool that does not meet the standards to do the job. Our Farming game is suppose to be fun, this is no longer funny. This makes stress. and farming is suppose to be a stress reliever for many, it WAS, but is not now. I sure hope this will be considered as I really don't want to quite my game, as I have lots of real money in this game, but sometimes you just have to cut your losses and learn from it....Trust is broken here, don't think i could ever put a real green back in this game again. Sorry if i have step on a few toes but toes needs to be step on about this.....

leesac Oct 27 2011 02:35 PM

No Orange Sprinkler for me... not until I can use my brown one when I want.
I often come to my farm and find that the flowers have wilted, and even though they are ready for harvest I have to water them before I can harvest. I should be able to use my brown sprinkler that I paid farmcash for to water these flowers, so I can then use my red sprinkler after harvest to speed up the growth of the next bunch. Instead I am forced to use the red sprinkler which leaves me unable to speed up growth for 20 hours. Using the blue water can is not a reasonable option when the whole farm is covered with flowers, neither is suggesting that I bother a neighbor.
It is very frustrating that it is set up like this, so frustrating that even though I would like to water trees and speed them up I will NEVER purchase the third sprinkler as long as they function like this. Those three sprinklers should all be available for use, just as the other farmcash equipment that we have purchased. I can still access all my plows, combines, and seeders, so WHY NOT my sprinklers?

Daisy Mariposa Oct 27 2011 06:33 PM

I completely agree with all of those who are disgruntled over the fact that our brown and red sprinklers have been rendered useless by buying the orange one. After all, we still have yellow, white, and blue bulldozers along with our green one. I fail to see why Farmtown has decided that upgrading the spinkler should outdate the others we PURCHASED WITH REAL MONEY. Please fix this for us. There seems to be plenty of room on the tool box for all of these upgrades. Oct 29 2011 07:58 AM

Maybe it would be possible to get some kind of refund on the old tools that we can not use anymore when we replace them with new ones of the same. Just seems unfair to completely loose the old tool which is now useless.

Rickeyn Oct 31 2011 01:52 AM

I, too, am disgruntled over the loss of my brown sprinkler. After spending substantial farm cash for the new sprinklers, I have to use my watering can to revive my wilted flowers so I can harvest them and not lose the ability to irrigate my flowers after they are harvested. This tool has not been upgraded in a manner consistent with other tools. I hope this will be rectified soon.

barbara nixon Oct 31 2011 11:08 AM

i hate to be the odd one here..but i have yet to need to use the brown sprinkler..i personally don't want everything to come ready at once..i can choose to water or not it depends on what i want to do..i have figured out how to use it to my advantage..i don't waste the daily water feature on the short crops as it serves not purpose..i don't need to get up at 3 am to harvest. i tend to my crops first and whatever comes ready with them is has been working out fine for me..i'm sure u'all will eventually get ur way so keep up the good work devs..i love this game...

Ms Helpful Oct 31 2011 03:10 PM

my red sprinkler is better than sex... ok i dont have a sex life anyway but what i can remember of it the red sprinkler is still the best :D

Vicky Vine Nov 04 2011 12:48 PM

Well I'll have to agree with most of the people posting, I would also like to be able to choose between the sprinklers, I don't always want to cut the harvest time, but need to water the flowers

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