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Tiger Nov 04 2011 12:35 PM

Interesting reading the comments here. Personally, I like my sprinklers to do everything with one click, but I also woudn't be totally against the idea of just separating one to water flowers.

However i am curious so have a few questions for any of you who want to answer them.........

Is the reason you want a separate sprinkler for watering just flowers because you tend to forget to water them?

If it's not that, why do you not want to speed up growth time of other things? Die time of sped up crops/trees does not change so you still have the same time to harvest as you did before.

Those of you that want them all separated..........
Have you considered that separating them all would have involved going to every farm with each of the different sprinklers to use them? That amounts to quite a bit of extra clicking when you have 11 farms. I can't say i would like to have to do that, but that is just my opinion.

Personally the way i make use of them is to first harvest/chop/plow everything on all farms. Stock up all the facilities, see what i'm short on. After that, I plant what I need and then make the decision on whether or not to speed up growth time. If i don't need crops in a hurry i don't have to irrigate, but if my flowers need the water, then i will, as it makes no difference to me if the crops come ready sooner, the die time not changing, means they can wait.

These are just some of my opinions on the sprinkler, but it might be good to know any more reasons why others don't like they way they currently work.

barbara nixon Nov 04 2011 05:20 PM

i love the red that i've figured it out..i just eliminated the few flowers on a couple farms and made them crop farms works great..cuts growth time of crop in half and we still get the double waste even i u forget when u watered u can hover over crop and it will tell u how long u have left before also tells u how much time before waste..farming is all about management of crops..just as in the real world.half the fun for me is managing...the brown one still waters neighbors..i won't begrudge my neighbors to get the 1000 coin to water mine even if it messes up my time..i deal with it..

Dad Shadow Nov 04 2011 05:59 PM

Not sure if I have already said, I use my wife's account to water flowers on my farms, and not the red sprinkler, (and mine on hers).
IF I use the sprinkler I make sure it is not on the flower farms. Cutting the time on 3 / 4 / 5 day crops is handy.
The best tool that everyone has is the 'stored amounts' on seeds/trees etc.
You will see what you need SOON, and hopefully plant accordingly.
Just a waste of dollars to buy one sprinkler and loose the old one.
4x4 seeder works best for me, on a 32x32 farm, (8 rows).
That's why I have not bought the 5x5, or the harvest/plow/seeder. I harvest+plow THEN check what I need.
The tools have different uses to all farmers, but, that is how I like to work right now.

NEW players would find all of this hard to understand with a lack of dollars to use, but, hopefully instructive on when to spend or not to spend.

Something a lot of the 'older' players did not have in the begining. (Beta version still ??).

Level 260 +.

Tractor Man Nov 05 2011 08:20 AM

I agree
Yes the red sprinkler is good.

Yes it was a bad idea to remove the silver or brown sprinkler.

Yes my silver sprinkler is in my storage but if I move it to a farm and use it it acts like a red sprinkler, not what I want.

Yes I want the ability to water flowers only.

Yes devs, please give us our old sprinklers back so we can choose which one to use.

Yes we paid for them and should get to keep them.

Yes lets end these discussions and do the right thing and make us all happy.

Thank you

SandraBAnderson Nov 08 2011 10:04 AM

OK, I'm stupid, kindly make me understand this freaking junk
What I'm referring to is [mod edit: outside link removed] weird piece of garbage. Can you take a look at the text, what's with all those confusing capital letters everywhere? :|

Tiger Nov 08 2011 10:23 AM


Originally Posted by SandraBAnderson (Post 4926618)
What I'm referring to is [mod edit: outside link removed] weird piece of garbage. Can you take a look at the text, what's with all those confusing capital letters everywhere? :|


I have removed the link you supplied as outside links are not permitted to be posted in the forum without prior permission.

If you saw that link in any post in the forum it was probably spam, which we do our best to get rid of as soon as we can.

tnbskts Nov 10 2011 01:41 PM


Originally Posted by pythonis (Post 4872758)
I dont know why ppl are having such a problem with the red sprinkler. I got it after the bugs were fixed and I havent had a bit of problems with it.

Only irrigate crops that are 2 day or longer unless an emergency.

If your flowers need watered either use your watering can or ask a neighbor/market worker to water them for you.

See, this is the problem. Why should we have to do either? We've paid for the brown sprinkler, which is supposed to do that; there's no reason why we should have to go and beg someone to water a bunch of farms for us, or do as other people have suggested and tear the flowers out of our farms with plots and grow them separately. And if we have fully expanded farms with a lot of flowers and plots (like my farms 3 and 6 and to a lesser extent 1 and 4), it's a time-consuming nuisance to use the watering can, to say nothing of adding insult to injury with the knowledge that we've paid 45 Farm Cash for a tool that could have done this with one click but which we don't have access to.

barbara nixon Nov 10 2011 04:16 PM

i guess the red sprinkler has stirred up alot of controversy..i get along with it just fine..i wonder how many have an old broken down car they paid a small fortune for sitting rusting away in their yard...progress..folks..i call it progress..i still have my original yellow seeder's housed in the yard with the farm museum..i keep it for sentemental reasons..i just wish they had the camera feature when i first started..would have loved to have a pic of my first farm..lets get on with farming and b done with the complaining..

tnbskts Nov 10 2011 11:33 PM

That's fine to say if the current situation suits the way you farm, less so if it doesn't, which seems to be the case for several people in this thread.

Regarding the old seeders and whatnot, I'd be in trouble if my 4x4 seeder had been taken away when I got the 5x5 seeder because some of my farms have the plots in patterns where a 5x5 seeder would create an unholy mess; the only way I could sensibly seed would be to do a bunch of stuff by hand first or junk my patchwork farms. It's fine for people who don't have that problem to say "change the way you farm" or "get over it," but part of the point of Farm Town is to decorate as well as to just churn out crops, and the tools should facilitate what people want to do, not sabotage it.

If a tool is genuinely an upgrade of another tool - that is to say, if it does everything the other tool does and more besides - then I can understand disabling the old tool. But if the new tool does some things the old tool doesn't do, but doesn't do some things the old tool does do, then we should be left with the old tool as well as the new one. Especially when we paid farm cash for the old one, and when the new one is more expensive, not the lower price for an upgraded tool.

From everything I'm reading here, since I have flowers on all my landscaped farms I'm not going to bother with the red sprinkler until I have the option of using the brown sprinkler too. If that means not getting the faster harvest time, I'll put up with it; I'd rather do that than have to redo all my farms so some of them have flowers and others have crops.

rjohn726 Nov 11 2011 08:39 AM

Actually one needs to read first about what the tool is going to do. I for example didn't and won't get the red let alone the orange sprinkler, as I only want the sprinkler to water the flowers. I am an old fart and don't do anything fast at all, however, I do have a lot of time on my hands and don't even want to think about going faster.

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